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Nightingale Empowerment Foundation (NEF), is a not-for-profit organization established under Indian Trust Act 1982. It was registered in April 2012 and is based in Bangalore. NEF is promoted by Nightingales Medical Trust, and is managed by a Board of Trustees comprising of committed professionals. 

NMT has professional staff

Nightingales Medical Trust

Since 1947 the elderly population has increased from 19 million to 98 million in 2011. This figure is expected to reach 340 million by 2050. Simultaneously there exists a chronic shortage in the services and facilities exclusively for the benefit of Seniors. This trend poses a variety of challenges to the elders and society. It requires the collective efforts of the community, the government, NGOs and corporate bodies to address these challenges.

Nightingales Medical Trust (NMT) as it is known today began its humble journey as Nightingales Home Health Services in 1996 from a garage in Sadashivnagar, Bangalore. A pioneering service back then, the concept of Home Health Services was the brain child of two people who yearned to make a difference in eldercare.

While interacting with the beneficiaries of home health care, it was realized that apart from health issues, elders also had to deal with loneliness, emotional issues and financial insecurities. Dr. Radha and Mr. Raja felt that, if necessary facilities to cater to physical, emotional, financial and social needs of elders could be created, it could help elders age with dignity. Thus, Nightingales Medical Trust was founded in 1998 to alleviate the problems faced by the elderly. 

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